We’re attending: ‘Death, Digital Demise, Community & Digital Legacy’

Echoleft is heading to London this week for SMWLDN. Nope, none of us knew what that stood for either, but it turns out to be Social Media Week, London.

I will be attending the ‘Death, Digital Demise, Community & Digital Legacy’ session and, looking at the work that they’re doing, I’m excited to meet all of the speakers if I can.

The session is being held at Camden Collective which looks incredible: a creative space with pop-up shops and event venues included. We’re based at Atrium Studios in Ipswich, which is based on a similar idea and it’s always interesting having artists, designers, developers, photographers and fashion consultants all in the same place. I’ll report back with how the Camden version compares to our home-away-from-home office.

If you’re attending (or we met at the event and you’re looking this up afterwards), drop us a tweet and let us know.