Telling a story about how we tell stories

Making Our First Video

It’s a very exciting and busy time here at Echoleft. Over the past few months we’ve been designing, developing and testing our memorial creation tool, getting it ready for actual people to use.

Echoleft helps you plan for the end of your life, or helps you help someone else cope with this difficult transition. It’s also a site where you can create and share a beautiful, enduring memorial for a loved one.

What makes Echoleft unique, and what makes us so proud of what we’re building, is that we enable our users to save, protect, and share not only photos and videos of loved ones, but our stories of what actually happened.

We made a short video that gives people the opportunity to experience what Echoleft is about.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about our story. Max and Sam, the forces that drive Echoleft, are brother and sister. Max sorts development and design, while Sam sorts the marketing. Their colleague Anders works behind the scenes on the code that makes Echoleft function.

Recently Max and Sam made a short video that gives people the opportunity to experience what Echoleft is about.

The challenge we faced with the video was how best to show viewers how easy it is to use Echoleft. In the video, Max and Sam show us how they’re using Echoleft to tell the story of their granddad, George, who passed away in 2000.

Echoleft allows Max and Sam to add photos, video, places, and most importantly, the stories about George that tie everything together. They can create a timeline for their granddad and invite friends and family to share how much he still touches their lives today.

At Echoleft, we’ve included features like these because it makes sense to us to tell George’s story this way. Sam’s children never had the chance to know their great-granddad, but the memorial she and her brother have created means there’s a place where they can get a sense of who George was and what he meant to those who knew him.

We’re building Echoleft from scratch. We’re putting our expertise in development and design into building a tool for you. We’re incorporating feedback we’ve received from test users. We’re keeping our memories of our own loved ones in mind.

We’re here help you tell your story, and the stories of the people you care about.

This is our story. But more importantly, this is your story. Echoleft creates beautiful, functional, and enduring memorials right now. We’re keen to work with our clients to develop Echoleft even further, however. We work with you to make sure that you’re telling your story, your way.

We believe, for example, that it’s important for Echoleft users and their friends and family to have the option of making donations to charity in a loved one’s name. In this way, the memorial you make today is able to touch the lives of countless people tomorrow. Echoleft incorporated this option after talking to hospices: what we will be able to add to the memorial you create? It’s up to you.

We knew that with our video, we would only have space to tell one story. George’s story would have to show everyone how easy it is to share anybody’s story. We hope it has.

Watching the video again though, it occurs to me that already many stories are being told. George’s story, yes, but also part of his grandson Max’s story, his granddaughter Samantha’s story, his great-grandchildren’s story. George is part of the story of everyone who ever knew and loved him. We’re proud to be able to share his story, and our story, with you.

Echoleft’s story is just beginning. We’re here help you tell your story, and the stories of the people you care about. We’re here to tell everyone’s story.