We’ll be at Spring Fair 2014

Sam and I will be making our way to Birmingham this Tuesday (4th Feb) to visit one of europe’s largest trade shows, Spring Fair. Last year nearly 70,000 people attended the NEC to see what 1,600 businesses exhibiting from around the world had to offer.

We speak to lots of people about our end-of-life planning tool and memorial websites. A lot. Sam literally stops people walking through our office to tell them about Echoleft. This leads to us being asked lots of questions about things that people need, whether it’s individuals, businesses in the death-care industry or charities.

If we can’t help people ourselves, we want to know the very best people to refer them to. It’s important to us that we’ve researched partners, products, charities and contacts as much as we can.

Spring Fair, and almost all events we attend, is about us meeting more people, so we have even more names and numbers to help the people that reach out to us.

If you’re attending, let us know and we’ll make sure to say hello, or drop by your stand if you’re exhibiting.

Despite it’s name, Spring Fair actually takes place in the middle of rainy British winter, so we’re both hoping that the weather holds and we don’t get snow or anything else that brings the rail network to a halt. Follow our mini-adventure on Twitter and Facebook.