Telling Charlie Chaplin’s story with Instagram.

As you can imagine, we pay a lot of attention to new ways of telling life stories online. Building better platforms to tell stories in a new, immersive way is a passion of ours and the Toronto Silent Film Festival have put together a perfect example of this with their tribute to Charlie Chaplin’s 100 years on screen.

You can see a preview of how this works in the short video below, and if you’re an Instagram user, you can visit their Instagram feed. You’ll need to visit in the feed in the iPhone app, as unfortunately the timeline won’t work on the website.

This is a wonderfully unique way of using an existing storytelling platform in a new way, and we can’t wait to see how people use Echoleft to tell unexpected stories, in unusual ways and with incredible results. Somebody remind me to get in touch with TSFF next year and we’ll see what they can do for Chaplin’s 101st year!