Echoleft & St. Nicholas Hospice Care

I’m really pleased to say that after spending some time working on the initial details, we are officially collaborating with St. Nicholas Hospice Care to create a ‘memorial donation platform’ which will be launching in late October.

The reason I use quotes is that sometimes the names we use to describe what we’re building don’t really tell you what it does, which is the most important part. I want to be more specific, and hopefully answer any questions people may have in the run-up to the launch. If I miss anything, please get in touch and ask.

St. Nicholas currently provide a form to accept donations in memory. Echoleft is helping them take that further. Friends and family can create a beautiful memorial for a loved one, which has a built-in donation form, along with the ability for people to create fundraising events, complete with donation forms, all in one place, all in the name of one person.

Memorials include photos, stories and personalised messages. They can be kept completely private or open to the public to leave their messages. We are working on some unique ways to personalise your messages, donations and the memorials themselves. I’ll write some more detailed posts about these in future posts, I don’t want to get too technical here.

Development is already underway and after something of a quiet period here on our blog, I’m excited to show you all how we progress over the coming weeks. Our launch date, October 29th, will not be the end of the journey. We already have a long list of features to help tell the story of those that are being remembered, and to allow charities like St. Nicholas to encourage more donations. We’ll be rolling out those features on an ongoing basis.

We are actively seeking more charities that would like to get involved, so if you’re interested, please drop us a line.

Update: For those of you finding this post, originally from July 2014, via Google you can find the (now live) St Nicholas’ Echoleft page at