Welcome St Nicholas Hospice Care Visitors!

Welcome to our first visitors arriving from St Nicholas Hospice Care, thank you for taking the time to visit Echoleft.

We have been working hard over the last few weeks with the team at St Nicholas to create the beginnings of what we believe is a wonderful, and powerful, way for them to accept in-memory donations and provide the families and patients with a tool that will help tell stories.

You can now create memorial websites in support of the hospice, add photos, tell stories, create fundraising events and accept donations.

St Nicholas Hospice Care are not charged any fees for donations via Echoleft, which means that with every event and every donation, the patients and staff receive even more of your generosity. There is still a charge from our credit card processor, Stripe, but we will soon be offering donors the option of paying this fee on behalf of the hospice.

When I say it’s the beginning, I really mean it. We have managed to achieve a huge amount in the short time we allowed ourselves, but there are already new improvements and features on the way.

You are some of the first people to help us create a new generation of tools to help tell the stories of loved ones that are no longer with us. Your feedback is incredibly valuable and we appreciate any time you spend with us.

Thanks again.