We’re attending Holbrook Academy Careers Session

The assistant headteacher at a local school, Holbrook Academy, has asked Sam and I to attend a morning session with a group of their Year 11 students and we’re excited to tell them a little about what we do. It’s this Thursday, 15th January.

The students are leaving this year and the school is keen for them to talk about their skills and hopes for the future with some people they may not usually get the chance to meet.

We’ll be joining others from a range of industries and the group includes employers, employees and recent alumni to give them a wide array of opinions and allow them to ask questions. Apparently we have to ask them questions too, so we’re working hard on asking something to get them thinking.

The invitation isn’t completely out of the blue, the teacher in question happens to be our sister, which makes it a little easier to accept (or harder to turn down). Luckily we already work with local universities and schools to take on interns, along with our regular meet-up, SIMS, to help educate local businesses and students so this is something that we’re really happy to be a part of.

We’ll be posting some updates from the day on Twitter.

If you are local and you’re interested in getting involved, there’s still time to get involved and if you miss it this time, please drop the school a line as I’m sure they’d love to get you involved in another way.