NHS Hack Day: 24th-25th January 2015, Cardiff

From the FAQ:

What makes NHS Hack Days different is that we are committed to welcoming people who don’t necessarily have computer skills to our events. We want everyone with any interest whatsoever in healthcare technology: healthcare professionals, patients and their relatives, representatives from charities, and anyone else who wants to help out, or even just to see what we’re doing. Notably a career researcher in chemistry came along to one of our recent events by accident thinking it was a day of lectures, but he was persuaded to stay anyway and ended up being part of the winning team!


The next NHS Hack Day will be on 24th-25th January 2015 in Cardiff.

Just to reassure you, ‘hack’ in this context isn’t a bad thing. It’s not about breaking into things, it’s about building new, useful things quickly. If you can get involved then I encourage you to do so.

I love the tagline: “Geeks who love the NHS.”