“Considerable Pressure”

Inspectors said the trust had begun to make improvements to its end-of-life services, but said there were concerns about the safety and effectiveness of mortuary arrangements, particularly at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

“Deceased patients,” they said, “were not protected against the risks associated with unsafe or unsuitable premises because of inadequate maintenance of the fridge storage area.”

Stories including concerns over the current and future quality of end-of-life care provided by the NHS are so common as to be not worth linking to for fear of repetition. I think it’s important that we continue to do so however, reaffirming to news providers and organisations such as the Care Quality Commission that it really is an issue that people care about and want to engage with.

The people involved in care are, as is often the case, the highlight of the story:

However, the health watchdog found staff across both of the trust’s main hospitals were caring, and rated its services in this respect as good.