Washington lanuches ‘Honouring Choices’ website.

The Washington State Hospital Association and Washington State Medical Association announcing www.honoringchoicespnw.org

…designed to help people create end-of-life care plans and guide them through sharing those plans with loved ones and health care providers. The resources and tools on the website are free and available to anyone. Health care professionals can also find valuable resources on the site and participate in trainings to prepare them for conversations around end-of-life care, recording patient wishes and ultimately honoring those choices.

Full Press Release

I don’t often link to the vast number of US-centric links that are sent to me, but I am wondering if we are we going to see state-by-state sites for this in the US. I can’t help thinking that a centralised source of common information and resources has to be a consideration. I know that legislation varies by state, but the conversation about death is universal.

I think that progress will be interesting, given how the US healthcare system is set up. Like the UK, they have an ageing population so this topic becomes more important every day.