Why the Apple Watch offers smart opportunities for social good

Matt Haworth on how the upcoming Apple Watch could offer some great opportunities for charities.

Marathons are expensive to run and enter, and have a big carbon footprint to boot. They’re also a massively important source of charity funds.
 What if we not every runner had to get to the same place, complete with a T-shirt and an entry number? What if we could get supporters participating in a private marathon up and down the country, together?
 Smartwatches could enable this. They know our location and activity levels, and they’re connected to the web and so can communicate this back to a central database of runners.
 You would know who had finished, in what place, and could encourage supporters and raise sponsorship money exactly like a marathon — just not in the same place.

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This is just the very beginning of a new generation of apps and products. These are good ideas and it’s fun to see what you can come up with, but what really excites me are the unknown opportunities. If someone had told me after the original iPhone announcement the breadth of its impact, I’d have struggled to grasp it. The watch probably isn’t a repeat of that, but even if it’s an extension then it’s worth paying attention to.