Echoleft fundraising event widgets are now in action.

When you create a fundraising event with Echoleft, we provide you with a ‘widget’. It’s a snippet of code that you can use to embed your fundraising event in a website or blog (in fact, anywhere on the web). Visitors to that website will then be able to donate, see your latest photos, up-to-date totals and more.

Our widgets are mobile-friendly and easy-to-use. We’re already working with website publishers, charities and fundraisers to make them even better. We want to help you tell the story of your event, wherever you want.

After announcing my upcoming sponsored silence at CoastalNet last Wednesday, they were kind enough to embed the event on their website, and their web developer, Angie was kind enough to embed it on her website, Purple Baby Hippo. What a great name.

I’ve embedded the widget below so you can how simple and clear they are.