Poor Google Adwords copy “costing UK charities millions” each year.

Howard Lake, reporting on research from two industry agencies, Strategy Refresh and The ATO Co:

The top 20 UK charities could have saved £2.66 million in 2013 if they had optimised their Google AdWords copy, according to research from nonprofit marketing and fundraising consultancy Strategy Refresh and Google AdWords copy specialists The ATO Co.

Despite the somewhat fuzzy explanation of exactly how these numbers were reached (they apparently “devised an ad text copy algorithm based evaluation metric as an indicator of the potential of an AdWords ad text to deliver optimum clicks based on the evaluation of nine key technical and craft elements”, what does that even mean?), this is something that we’ve seen a lot in the private sector and I have no doubt that money gets wasted here.

It doesn’t matter whether charities are receiving money from the Google Ad Grants program. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it can be wasted.

I’d love to get involved in helping charities do more with these grants, or their online ad budget in general. It’s so frustrating to see charity ads appear when searching for something completely irrelevant and knowing that money could be better spent elsewhere.

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