Free advice from Government Statistical Service (GSS) for Voluntary Sector.

Howard Lake, for UK Fundraising:

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) is again partnering again with NCVO to offer its Voluntary Sector Placement Scheme. This matches voluntary sector organisations required statistical advice and support with government statisticians, who will provide up to five days of pro bono work.
 Charities receive the services of one or two analysts, with placements lasting from half a day up to five days.

Despite having done a little work with the National Audit Office, and following the ongoing campaign to help government open up more data to the public, I’m not sure I knew a Government Statistical Service existed.

I also discovered, from their ‘about’ page that there is someone out there with the job of The National Statistician. I don’t give too much thought to job titles, but that seems like one worth coveting.

If you work in the voluntary sector and think you know an organisation that would benefit from this, you can find out more information on the GSS website.

Source: UK Fundraising