#1millionhours. A new campaign from BBC Radio 1.

Related to yesterday’s post about AgeUK’s new campaign, a new challenge from BBC Radio 1:

This December we’re launching an ambitious challenge — and we need your help to make it happen.
 As a society we face lots of challenges, which can sometimes seem impossible to sort out. But if a lot of us do a little, we can make a difference. Just a few hours of your time can change the life of someone in need.
 We’re hoping to inspire you to pledge towards organisations who need your time, and for you to have a great experience too. We’re working with four different charities — Age UK, Barnardo’s, Cancer Research UK and Oxfam and you can pledge your time with them today, or with anyone else you choose.

AgeUK is also one of their featured charities, so hopefully it opens them up to a younger audience.

Interestingly, the young person starts their application on the Radio 1 site and is taken automatically to complete the process on the website of their chosen charity.

Well done to the BBC for getting that in place, I can only imagine the challenges involved. There are lots of opportunities out there for more major websites can act as a ‘capture point’ for good causes, let’s hope more of them choose to do it.