How does it feel to be young and dying?

Elizabeth Caplice, writing at Palliverse:

One thing that has been difficult for me throughout my treatment process has been the fact that in most of the media around terminal illness — particularly terminal cancer, euthanasia, pain control and palliative care, the only patient voices that are highlighted are high profile terminally ill elderly people.
 […] when it comes to being a young voice, and for that matter, a young writer who wants to discuss terminal illnesses and palliative care in younger people, there tends to be a lack of interest in publishing these voices and opinions.

I think that the voices of people like Elizabeth will be further amplified as tools like blogging and social media continue their march into new areas of our lives, but this is a call for mainstream media outlets to heed. The BBC’s “Before I Kick The Bucket” was a good example of a different side of terminal illness being portrayed.

Her note about the images used on websites (usually stock photography), as trivial as it may seem, really resonated with me.

wrinkled hands with cannulas, hospital beds with elderly people. This is the image of the terminally ill. This is what palliative care is represented as being, while the reality is so much broader.

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Elizabeth expands on her post a little in the comments, so scroll down for more of her thoughts.

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