Funds from the Ice Bucket Challenge help identify a new gene associated with ALS.

Nicky Woolf writing for The Guardian:

But the proof of the pudding was in the eating: the campaign raised more than $100m in a 30-day period, and was able to fully fund a number of research projects.
 One of these was Project MinE, a large data-driven initiative funded by the ALS Association through ice bucket challenge donations, as well as donations from the organization’s Georgia and New York chapters. The project’s researchers announced on Monday that they have identified a new gene associated with the disease, which experts say could lead to new treatment possibilities.

Read the full article at The Guardian.

It’s wonderful for ALSA to be able to draw a direct line from a high-profile campaign like the Ice Bucket Challenge to a discovery like this, as it can be tough for fundraising teams to provide people with specific examples of effects their giving to an individual campaign has had.

A few different places reported this news, but it was interesting how few actually linked to the original announcement from ALSA. I noticed this especially on the two Guardian opinion pieces covering this story, both of which include “re-use this content” links, but that didn’t take the time to attribute the original source.