You, your data and Echoleft.

It’s likely that you’ve received a lot of emails and notifications recently about various companies changing their terms and conditions and privacy policies. That’s because on May 25th, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect.

We’ve value privacy very highly at Echoleft. Our memorials can be completely private, donations can be made anonymously and we only store the data that we need. GDPR provides us a structure to formalise that commitment to privacy, so here are the initial steps we’re taking to make sure that we’re compliant with GDPR along with some of the goals that we’re putting in place to go even further.

We’ve updated our privacy policy to make it even clearer what data we hold, what we use it for and how we protect it. GDPR asks us to make it clear on what basis we hold the data, how long we hold it for and what’s our basis for holding it, so we’ve added all those details too.

If you ever have any questions about how the data we store, how we use it or how we protect it, please contact

The updates we’ve made around GDPR are only part of our ongoing commitment to put you in control of your personal data. We’re working closely with charities and organisations to provide them with a set of Echoleft features that allow them to offer you more opportunities to build long-term relationships with great causes, in a way that makes it clear how your data is being used. We’ll have more details on those in the coming weeks and months.

If you work with a charity or good cause that is interested in running events or fundraising campaigns with these types of data tools built-in, we’d love to talk.